ISO Certificate


ISSUE DATE- 19.07.2016

EXPIRY DATE- 18.07.2019

Benefits of ISO Certification

Standardisation of institute Procedures
Develop systems for efficient training and treatment
Action Plans and Time schedule are devised for completing various types of tasks
Effective Monitoring Systems to assess the progress of the tasks aimed at achieving the  goals of the organisation
Organisation of Official papers and documentation in a systematic manner
Introduction different coloured file folders for different branches for easy identification
Computerisation of Record Keeping
Regular training to trainors to improve the quality of their working
Improvement in the Institute environment
Housekeeping of the Institute  has been improved
Effective use of Computers, E-mail and Internet has increased the speed and efficiency of electronic date collection and management of information
Quality of services delivered to the society has improved with quick response time to processing applications and transparency in the system.
Quality Policy
Utmost students and patients satisfaction
Equipping unemployed youth by employable skill

Continual Improvement by offering yog and naturopathy relevant courses